So many ideas, so little time...

Monday, September 29, 2014 at 9:40 PM UTC

My daily job is mostly very interesting and challenging. I develop XPages applications (currently), debug foreign code (Lotusscript), moan about code I found in databases that seem to be a hundred years old and do customer support via mail and phone.

Not enough, I spend my sparetime searching for other challenges in my own projects. Most of them are XPages-based and more and more Java based. At least I try to use it more and more and in general. I admit that I am not into the fundamental "secrets" of how to start from the scratch, I always research and look what others did and adopt it to my own projects. Sometimes I am supported by colleagues or community members.

I imagine how my doings would be if there was no Internet as it was in the days I started to "develop" simple "programs" (yes, that's what they were called in ancient times!). When I first startet to get a reaction from my first computer (a TI-99/4A with Extended Basic module) I had to read a book about all those "secrets". Today I just start to type in a few words in my browser's address field and I get the result. Not everything I find there leads me to the right direction, it is still a trial-and-error principle that - sometimes - leads to my personal success.


Everyone who works with technology or something else that requires curiosity and the passion for learning new things will come to the conclusion that TIME might be the real boundary - among other obligations of course. Time-consuming research and studies are decelerating things one might want to overcome. Hail to "the net" and it's content-creators!

I know I can profit from the knowledge of others, I know there is a community, I know there are people sharing the same thoughts - and their help. And that's a great perception!

My next private projects and goals are:

  • learn how to work with parts of the OpenNTF API (esp. DOTS/XOTS)
  • setup a dev environment for Java development for plugins and extensions
  • how to create my own OSGi plugins for Domino/DDE

This isn't rocket scientist's stuff, er? Should be possible as others are doing it as their daily "pleasure". So I'm willing to learn - just show me how! I'm enjoying the conversation. And from what I've experienced so far: I can count on you Ja

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