Setting up Proton with IAM

Friday, February 8, 2019 at 7:56 PM UTC

Man what a hassle. For the past 2 days I am struggling with it. No offense, HCL, but this is a crutch at the moment. I faced a lot of issues with Domino V10, client not being V10 and ID Vault, AWS hostname structures and so on. I just wanted to fucking setup that damn IAM thing - and didn’t succeed yet. I almost gave up. Maybe I invest another 48 hours to get it running, we will see. I am not sure if it’s worth though.

This maybe the first part of a series of posts, I really don’t know. But what I found out during the hours is that one script which comes with the proton add-on fails. You have to setup environment variables - which I did - but constantly failed anyway. So, for your and my convenience, here the script that will work - as long as you installed Domino in the default paths and have your kyrtool up and running:

It’s just the line 19 that has to be changed.

Stay tuned… 


p.s.: many thanks to Heiko Voigt who tried to help me and was a patient companion Smile


Yes, I decided to continue and make a series. Part 1 is already here.

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