Last week to say thanks

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 6:09 PM UTC

With the vibe of CollabSphere 2020 Live next week, I want to remind you that it is still the time of the year to show your appreciation to people who delivered valuable contributions to your work life over the year. Whether it was a useful blogpost, an answer on the various channels where we discuss technical questions and issues or a live session at an event, whether it was a presence event or virtual.

I usually also do not measure those efforts from people to see them "worthy" enough to receive appreciation. Every single and even small contribution is worth it. I am more picky about that with myself. A good start is to check out who was busy publishing blog post about the stuff you like on

Honestly, I was a lazy boy this year - at least community-wise. Work days were heavy sometimes, I learned a lot but I also did a lot of stuff I would never use and do again (hopefully). Anyway, the result was: after my normal work day I didn't feel the need to do more in that area. I just wanted to get away from my computer.

You decide of course. If you feel the urge to nominate me (beside the people that really stroke at least my attention), please feel free to do so. I guess the information you may not know about me is the mail address that needs to be used in the nomination. It's

oliver.busse at

Fortunately I don't have to tell you what to provide in the other fields of the brand new HCL Volt app that records this year's nominations. This is your job. If you cannot provide this info, then please do not try to nominate me. It's hard, so thank you if you try to do anyway.

Being an HCL Ambassador has its benefits, especially for customers you work with. You get the latest informations about the product lineup before anyone else gets it. Following the NDA of course, we are nevertheless able to maybe push a decision in some direction for example with having a certain background. Unlike with IBM the time between highly confidential stuff and the publication of it is very short with HCL, so there is not that odd feeling of knowing something in front of others. I usually do not like that.

If you want ME to nominate YOU, then please provide your mail address to me, too. The easiest way is to send me a (direct) message on Twitter: @zeromancer1972

I already have a personal database with people's data (on Domino of course), but you may want to deliver updated infos if something changed from last year.

Hurry, up, nominations are open until the end of this month - I will make my homework, too.

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