These are the days....

Monday, September 12, 2016 at 8:02 PM UTC

Summer is going to end with a "bang" - it's hot although it's September. Personally it's too hot for me. I like the warmth but not the heat.

These are the days of several events and conferences. There is the business partner event in Athens currently going on, directly afterwards ICON UK is going to start and the next week we have a local annual conference in Germany called "AdminCamp". 

The weather could be a benefit while traveling to the numerous events happening. Less clothes = less baggage. But not for me.

I had to cancel London and Gelsenkirchen last week due to my wrist fracture. It hurts. I wear a cast. It's hot. It's itching - and smelling. Tomorrow I'll get a new cast. My right hand is still not fully functional. Typing is only possible with my left hand and my right hand's trigger finger - on a touch screen, not on a keyboard. 

I see several posts, tweets and photos from my fellow peeps from all of these named places - and I so wish to be there with them.

This is what this post is all about. Friendship. Though we are working for different companies, in different countries and with different products, overall we are just some people who share one thing: passion. Passion for all named before: companies, products and... fun of course.

Conferences are valuable events to learn and share knowledge. You always take something with you while attending - and you can give something back to others.

Let's not forget the social aspect which - basically - means to hang around with "nerds" of your own kind. For all who are able to be there: ENJOY IT!

I'll watch it from a distance. I am pretty sure you let me - and others - be a part of it on the usual channels. Thank you in advance!

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Andrew Magerman wrote on 13.09.2016, 14:40

I'll drink a beer for you in England. Guinness OK?

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