2018 Windows Rant

Friday, January 5, 2018 at 2:08 AM UTC

You know me, I fucking hate MS Windows to the bone. I never liked it but since I am using REAL operating systems like Linux (1999) and MacOS (2015) my bloody hatered even increased. MS is just not able to provide a system that „operates“ a computer, it’s just a lot of useless crap that crashes and behaves completely different from what the user expects. Ok, they have graphics and animations. A fucking LOT of animations that don’t have any benefit. They are just there to distract the user from the shit itself IMHO.

There is an OS that can be upgraded while it’s still running. It’s called Linux, where the kernel and packages can be upgraded during an active session. A final restart will bring up the new versions.

MacOS is different: you download the whole package and restart into the update mode - which doesn’t bring up the system but the update mode which replaces all the stuff needed. Afterwards it automatically boots into the new system.

What Windows does: it tries to replace stuff while the system is still running (somehow), it stops, it crashes and it gets stuck - OF COURSE it does! Everyone who is aware of how an OS works would say: well, hell yeah, that can’t work out that way. 

My concern is just: what does the „normal“ user expect when updating a Windows system? It should just work, right? They are NOT aware of all the tricks and hacks that you HAVE to perform for (or during) an update process, right? They aren’t!

So this is why I think that Windows is NOT a consumer OS but a power user OS or a system for admins.

So why the hell the majority of new PC are sold with that crappy OS? Everybody who want’s a system under full control should buy a Linux based one. It needs a bit of learning, too - that’s clear. Everyone who want a system that just works (even during updates) MUST buy an Apple system - no bothers at all.

This is exactly why Apple „fanboys“ spend more money than others. They appreciate the „no hassle“ experience.

I recently spent two days completely on my Macbook Pro, doing all the stuff I need - no problems. Firing up a VM with Windows brought me back to the ground. It was a pure catastrophe. Nothing worked as BEFORE it worked, just I was using a different network. WHAT THE FUCK?

For my daily job: I am looking out for the day I do not have to use Windows (for Notes and DDE) and can just work on MacOS with software that isn’t proprietary for Windows.

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Oliver wrote on 08.01.2018, 23:29

Edwin, Apple stole a lot from others like Xerox so MS did - but Apple always put functionality over the look. Windows is full of useless animations which force the user to upgrade hardware just to get something like "Aero Peek" which was inspired from others at a lower cost of hardware. I am a developer, too, and I know there are many options to implement something. Expensive or cheap. I am not an expert so I never would tell anybody to do their job better than X - but I am a user and I can tell everybody what I like to have improved. As long as my hardware works I am not saying anything about design. But if I see that design overrides functions I can only complain my 2 cents about it.

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dsieyx wrote on 07.01.2018, 09:09

well...good to know you hate MS so hard..LOL...anyway, thanks for ur amazing work on lotus, I'm totally new with xpages, and your website and demos give me more courage to learn it...thanks again~

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Edwin Krause wrote on 06.01.2018, 12:19

I'm not a big fan of Windows myself and I am also forced to use it because of the same reasons you are. However your first paragraph describes the Apple OSes (Mac OS, iOS). Microsoft seems to try to mimic that graphic crap extremely since Windows 8. Windows 10 is crap too, I don't like it, and if I had the choice (to still do it in an easy way) I would downgrade to Windows 7.

Performance-wise, I'm usually leaving my PC running for up to a month before I restart it and well, sometimes it then runs updates, which are usually done in a few minutes (if not faster). There was one major update late last year that took loooong time, probably more than 30 minutes and admittedly that was annoying.

But Windows never crashed on me and I run tons of crap on it, i.e: IBM Domino Server, IBM Notes with Admin and Designer, Oracle VM Virtualbox with one instance of Ubuntu Server (Web development), FTP Client, 5 different Browsers at the same time, Office and Corel all open for days and everything works fine for weeks. I have 2 different Clients for VC and that sometimes confuses my 2 webcams and then and only then I need to restart.

Give Windows some credit ;-)

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