Nominate an HCL Master - last chance

Friday, October 25, 2019 at 8:03 PM UTC

The HCL Master nomination period is still up until October 31. You can read here how to access the nomination form.

There are a lot of people around who deserve to be a HCL Master - and you know them already. Just take some time to nominate them.

If you want to nominate me as HCL Master for 2020, this post gives you the final "approval" to do so.

To help you finding some words on "why" you want to nominate me, I put up a little help here:

Permission: YES (I agree)

Nominate a HCL Master

First Name: Oliver
Last Name: Busse
Country: Germany
Company: We4IT GmbH
Job Title: Consultant & Developer
Type: Business Partner

Please tell us why your nominated person deserves to be a HCL Master.

Oliver runs a blog focused on all HCL CWP products esp. Leap, Notes and Domino. He provides expertise on programming, administration and maintenance for the named systems. He is active as beta tester for Notes/Domino/Nomad, contributor in the Slack communities (channels: dominonodejs, xpages, domino-admin, domino-dev) and as an OpenNTF board member. Not to mention the XPages Stackoverflow community.
He is also a frequent speaker at conferences such as Engage, DNUG, NotesCamp, ICON.UK, NCUG (fka ISBG) and others.


HCL Notes/Domino
HCL Leap

Social Medial Accounts:
Twitter: zeromancer1972

You can easily copy and paste all the informations from here to complete the survey. Of course it would be helpful if you create you very own reason on the "why" part. My text is just an example.

Please do not nominate me if you don't feel comfortable with it and if you need more than 10 minutes to bring together reasons why I should be an HCL Master. HCL and me, too, want a transparent and honest contribution.

Thank you!

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