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Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 10:06 PM UTC

Today's OpenNTF webinar "Gurupalooza" perked up a good old "tradition" from the LotusSphere (and everything that happened after it with different names) days, the "Gurupalooza" session.

The idea was to bring the experts together in a single webinar to provide answers to your questions in a "live" session, hearing and even seeing the protagonists in the panel.

I wasn't in the panel (or let's say not the whole time) but as an attendee I enjoyed the round every second.

Team effort

Every webinar is a well-planned event and is always perfectly moderated by our chairman Graham Acres and hosted by our treasurer Howard Greenberg. They are all planned months before schedule of course. This contains finding topics and the speakers of course. This time there was even more to do upfront, the collection of your questions.

Good old Notes database

I started with a simple Notes database using some XPages to collect your questions initially and it was constantly improved by Howard. Before the webinar you, the users, posted your questions, and there were a lot! So thank you for that!

In the "backend" Howard added some more tools to manage all the data and with it's pure simplicity, it worked great! During the webinar we were able to just check the questions, hand them over to the Gurus (who offered their help also with this app using the form) and each question then was marked as "answered" to keep things clear.

It's always the simple solutions that make things happen.


Some hours later and after some internal discussions we were surprised by the questions and the answers that were given. We saw a focus clearly on Domino although we had experts in the panel for Connections, Sametime and other products.

I personally was surprised by the amount of XPages related stuff as it shows that people still use them (myself included). The majority of questions were about administration of Domino, especially security and the new features in Domino like CertManager. Thankfully we had Daniel Nashed to answer those questions and personally it hurt that he had to be "stopped" as we only had 90 minutes to handle all questions Wink

Honorable mentions went to Cameron Gregor's project "Swiper", Ulrich Krause's work and session in this year's NotesCamp about AD Sync (with password sync since 12.x) and Karsten Lehmann's work on Domino JNA (future JNX) which unfortunately is not listed on OpenNTF Wink


We at the board clearly see the need for webinars like this and we plan to do another one next year. We thank all the panelists for their time today - and of course you, the people who were interested in hearing from the experts and sharing their knowledge.

Your can watch the replay of the webinar here on Youtube:


As the year comes to it's end we have one final webinar in 2021, and this is an open one, no registration needed. We want to celebrate OpenNTF's 20th birthday with you and honor the people (esp. the founders Bruce and Nathan) and highlight some projects. Overall this will be an open round, so bring your drinks, put on a party hat and have a good time with us. Please checkout the details here:

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Karsten Lehmann wrote on 19.11.2021, 15:34


unfortunately I couldn't attend Gurupalooza. Had a few other conference calls yesterday and then it was time for the family.

Thanks for mentioning Domino JNA! Do you know who asked about appending a JPG file attachment from richtext item A as embedded image in a richtext item B? Would be happy to help, e.g. in the Domino JNA slack chat on

Using Domino JNA, it's not a big deal, it can read binary content from $file without the need to extract it on disk and can create images in richtext (PNG, JPG and GIF I think).


And there was a question about a calendar&scheduling API in Domino. This is built into the legacy LS/Java APIs as NotesCalendar class and also available via Domino JNA.

Here is the documentation:

Unfortunately there are not many examples how to use the API.

But maybe this helps:

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