OpenNTF Repair Café - behind the scenes

Friday, January 20, 2023 at 10:00 PM UTC

January 2023 is almost over now already and we as OpenNTF are very happy that our new get-together idea was adopted very well. We had an awesome first session for devs and others will follow, so go and check out the dates here.

Personally, I had a really great time producing the trailer video for this new offer to have it advertised properly where I learned a ton of new stuff using various apps. I started with recording and showing my own memes just to break the ice for my fellow peeps.

The idea

My idea was to first to show some faces, in particular the faces currently running OpenNTF which is the board.

We are all human, we are devs and admins and we all face problems during work hours and sometimes those drive us nuts. My idea was to capture those moments visually, so I asked my fellow board members to join myself in capturing facial expressions showing despair and also relief, which should show the moment when you finally found a solution to your problem. I think the pictures here are quite accurate.


So I collected all the video snippets from my fellow board members, put them together in DaVinci Resolve and added some fancy titles and FX. I can tell you that this process took way too long for my personal taste Laughing

The score

The last bit was the underlying music. I first used a random track I made a while ago - it had to be royalty-free for beeing published on Youtube without any copyright issues, so I found my own music to be an appropriate choice, but it didn't fit to the video.

This was the first time created a new track based on a time frame of a video. The video was split into 2 sections: one showing the despair expressions and after the title, showing the reliefs. Luckily the timing resulted in an exact 50:50 split which here means 65 seconds for the first part and 65 seconds for the second. The timing then allowed me to use a 120 BPM track split into 2 parts where I changed the key from minor to major.

I am using Logic X Pro for a while now and in this case you mostly hear patches from Native Instruments' Kontakt 7 Orchestral library plus a piano (also NI, "The Grandeur"). In total we have 25+ tracks running here along with some room effects and EQ. Anyway, I am quite happy with the result. If you are interested in the final mix, you can find it here.


After all it was only a matter of finding the final cut and get it approved by all of the board members and then finally uploaded to Youtube.


I am a developer but in my spare time I enjoy being creative in different areas such as music production, video editing and electronics / smart home technology.

This was the first time for me to create a more complex project but won't be the last - I promise Smile

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I am a Domino developer, and a guitarist. We could make a worship song for Domino :)

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